About us

Cleaning Company Ladbroke GroveThe company was founded a number of years ago and has since become an established market participant in a demanding and ever changing market scene. Operating in such a dynamic industry requires certain characteristics and decision making skills on behalf of management and staff. Cleaners Ladbroke Grove was created with quality and efficiency in mind and it wasn’t long before the well thought out business plan was paying off. Company management have all been part of the cleaning industry in the past, either at operational or managerial level so the expertise that was brought to the table was invaluable.

Quality and clever management is just the tip of the iceberg though, a well managed company also needs the right operational staff and this is why Cleaners Ladbroke Grove made the effort of selecting and employing the best and most skilled personnel around. The company is staffed with professional domestic and commercial cleaners that have extensive background knowledge and abundant prior experience in the industry. We employed such individuals not just because of their practical skills, but also because of the know-how and expertise they could bring toward the overall efforts and goals of the company.

Next up was the link between our customers and our range of quality cleaning services. The only way to facilitate this link was to create a strong, professional customer service department that was the active connection between our customers and the company as a whole. Cleaners Ladbroke Grove prides itself on the talented bunch of people that work and manage our customer service department, as already mentioned customers are a company’s most valuable asset and keeping them happy is of utmost importance, this is why our system works. The system works because we provide our customers with hassle free, straight forward service that actually serves a purpose and gets the job done.

The history and plan of the company seems so achievable when put into writing, but make no mistake, creating Cleaners Ladbroke Grove has taken much effort and willpower on behalf of our staff and management and now our customers can enjoy the benefits.