Cleaning Prices Ladbroke Grove

Forming a company pricelist is an important task which should be done with utmost attention and much consideration and thought. A company pricelist could prove to be one of the key aspects of company success in both the short and long run periods. Forming the prices properly should involve a number of factors, like competitors’ rates, competitors’ quality of service and their reputation. When we sat down to figure out how much would our services cost, we took into consideration many factors, which we believe were the key to our successful establishment.

Cleaning Services Ladbroke Grove understands that there is no point in overcharging a service to start with, profit has always been in turnover, not the two big jobs a year that most company owners are waiting on. Turnover means quantity of work being done, for this to happen the company needs to extend its services to more existing and potential customers, and in turn for this to occur the prices would have to be kept at a reasonable level.

Reasonably priced services are OK, as long as there is no compromise on service quality and results. Cleaning Services Ladbroke Grove sat firm upon its decision to keep service costs at a minimum but not to slacken the quality and the attention to detail. The only way for this to happen was for us to create a better service format, that corresponded to actual customer needs and served its purpose right every time. Since we’ve all been on the receiving end of the cleaning industry at one stage or another, it was agreed that the pricelist provided to all our customers will not be tolled and burdened by additional charges and unmentioned fees or taxes.

Cleaning Services Ladbroke Grove wanted to keep things simple and straightforward, we did not want to hide behind fine print and fancy words that justified unfair prices for under-graded services. The solution to this problem happens to be a simple one – employ the best people around, train them so they become even better and look after your customers as they are the most valuable company asset.

END OF TENANCY Cleaning Prices:
Studio flat /excluding carpet cleaning from/ £89
Studio flat /including carpet cleaning from/ £131
One Bedroom /excluding carpet cleaning from/ £129
One Bedroom /including carpet cleaning from/ £174
Two Bedroom /excluding carpet cleaning from/ £151
Two Bedroom /including carpet cleaning from/ £213
Three Bedroom /excluding carpet cleaning from/ £178
Three Bedroom /including carpet cleaning from/ £258
Four Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) from £239
Four Bedroom Property (including carpet cleaning) from £366

Study/Small room – £22
Single Bedroom Carpet Cleaning £26
Bedroom small to 10m2 – £26
Bedroom mid 15m2 – 20m2 – £30
Bedroom 20m2 up – £32
Living Room Carpet Cleaning £30
Dining/Living – £32
Through lounge – £54
Landing – £5
Rug small – £17
Rug large – £31
Hallway – £17
By the step £2
Flights stairs – £34
Bathroom – £11
Toilet/WC sink – £8

One-off cleaning Prices:
£12.5 per hour per cleaner (detergents and equipment can be provided at extra charge)

Curtain Cleaning Prices:
Half length pair of curtains: £20
Full length pair of curtains: £28

Upholstery – Steam Cleaning Prices:
Armchair – £22
Two-seat microfibre sofa – £36
Three Microfibre seater sofa – £43
Three-seat Suede sofa – £108
Mattress: £19
Sofa by seat: £14
Office chair: £5
Dinning chairs: £7

Scotchgard Prices:
Per room – £17
Sofa (per seat) – £7

Oven Cleaning Prices:
£77 for Full Oven Cleaning
£43 for Small Oven Cleaning
£63 for Double Oven Cleaning (tree racks)
£14 for Single Extractor/Microwave/Ceramic Hob/Gas Hob
*The minimum price for any oven cleaning job is £45.

Jet Wash ( High Pressure Water Cleaning )
£ 2 per square meter
*The minimum order for jet wash is £45.

Rubbish Removal Prices:

Wardrobe £15
Double Bed and Mattress £25
1/3 of 2.5 Tonne Truck £80
1/2 of 2.5 Tonne Truck £140
Full 2.5 Tonne Truck £250